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my bestioles - what is Bio-music ?


« Bestioles » (small beasts, bugs,…) is my loving word for speaking about the musicians with whom I compose: birds, insects, frogs, and other mammals of every kinds, whose songs always amaze me.
These sounds which surround us in the nature can be listened to in different ways, either as sounds issued from « machine-animals » programmed for more or less specific functions, or as animal music, because mankind has not exclusiveness of music; or as sounds usable for creating music.
Actually, I try to reveal a sound material which is hidden because of our usual way of listening, or because of the limits of our perception – often when we just change the frequencies of some sounds, we discover amazing rhythmic structures orlittle ghost voices, which are too fast and too shrill to be heard by the human ear.
It’s not my purpose to edit sound ambiance
or natural soundscapes, but I try to make a score in which the instruments are animal songs patterns, or just the texture of a song sound, its dynamics, which I take from its original context for putting it in my own context.
The result is sometimes near to a collage with a metric (a measure, a tempo); sometimes I transform - with synthesizers, samplers and computers - these animal sounds into human musical sounds which look like our instruments families (percussive, melodic,…) and they cover all the frequencies, from deep to shrill.
Then I have at my disposal a kind of orchestra, and its sound materials is at the same time strange and deeply known;
probably because the modern man and his music are already linked with bird songs in our most distant and deepest roots.

By composing with insects, birds and frog songs I look for the links which join us to them from the thunder of the Big Bang to the quivering of love ...


these musics are guaranteed musical instruments free; in addition, no animals were injured during recordings !



with an alyte (a kind of toad),

crickets and Eurasian hoopoe


insectes etc

(insects and so on)

la Valse à Tui

(Tui's waltz)

Tui is a bird singing in New Zealand

Neuf ou dix vagues

(nine or ten waves)

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